Nura The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For iOS, Android And Windows

Do you know that hearing is as unique as a fingerprint, your face and your voice? Each of us hears differently like the same pair of headphones sound different for each person. Nura is a smart headphone that integrates unique soundwave technology that automatically measure your hearing from the outer ear all the way to the brain and adapt to your ideal music. Nura is smart because it recognizes you when you put them on by playing a two-second test tone and test the signature response of your ears. Nura headphones are the right choice for all those music lovers who looking for a right pair of headphones.

Nura Design:

Nura headphones are designed with over the ear cup and in ear bud which makes it stand unique from other headphones.  To deliver the perfect sound for each note, Nura analyzes the sounds and uses this information to fill in your musical black spots. The acoustic separation of Nura’s design allows for the deepest bass and clearest tones. The over-ear cup delivers bass you can feel through your skin. The earbud prevents the bass from drowning out the detail and delivers crystal clear notes directly into your ear.

Nura The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

How Nura Works:

  • Nura technology combines deep hearing and neuroscience, psychoacoustics, signal processing, and acoustics. Nura does not require you to answer a test.
  • The first time you put them on your head, they’ll measure your hearing which takes about 30 seconds.
  • Nura will recognize you in less than two seconds anytime you put them on,
  • Once Nura identifies you, they load your profile. Any music you listen will be optimized for your hearing, so you can hear every note perfectly.
Additional Features of Nura Headphones:
  • Provides excellent comfort for your ears with its soft gel-filled tips that fit the shape of your ear.
  • Custom sound provides perfect hearing balance.
  • No need of charging the battery.
  • Connect digitally.
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Nura supporting devices:

Nura will support iOS devices through the Lightning port. Nura will work with any OS that supports Audio over USB like Android, Windows, OS X, Chromebook and various versions of Linux.