Pixma G Series: Canon Comes Up in India with Ink Tank Printers

Canon Pixma G

After becoming the unabashed victor in the Indian still and video camera market with launching a hit series of DSLR cameras, Canon has now ventured into the ink tank printers industry. In the big entry, Canon will be introducing 4 new printers in the Indian market under the title Pixma G series and will take on the established companies.

The starting price of Pixma G series will be from Rs. 9545 for the basic model, Pixma G1000, while the most advanced one among the four has been priced at Rs. 16,795 (Pixma G3000) along with wi-fi connectivity. On the other hand, the replacement ink bottles will cost about Rs. 499 for a unit, for all the colours including black. However, for the printers to be finally available in the markets, you must have to wait a few weeks as the printers will only be made available by the end of this month, past the festive season.

The usual inkjet printers which are available in the markets are only available in the design where the ink tank is situated on the top of the printhead, which further means that the volume of ink it contains is practically very low and needs quick replacements while eating up a lot of time. To tackle the issue, companies like HP and Epson came up with ink tank printers. They do the job of moving the ink tank into separate physical location which in turn means a good flexibility in the size of tanks.

Bigger and independent ink tanks could now be used in order to face the issue of frequent replacement. This design, other than performing the job for which it was built in the first place, also keeps the amount of wastage to a minimum, that comes with tank on printhead design in regards with head cleaning cycles. And better, one more advantage associated with these new printers is that you can replace the ink tank at the same time while working on it.

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Canon Pixma G1000 is a basic printer while the second one in the series, G2000 can print, scan and copy, it will cost about Rs. 10,900. Pixma G2002, priced at Rs.11,900, is basically the same as G2000 with two additional bottle inks. The top of the range G3000 which also comes with wireless connectivity prints, scans, copies the documents and is also Google Cloud print ready. If Canon’s claims are to be believed the black tank will print about 6,000 documents while the coloured one’s limit is 7,000. All printers will come with 1 year warranty.