Right Backup Anywhere Android App Review: An online Backup Solution

Protect Your Data From Loss

Android is the world’s most widely used OS due to its highly enriched user interface and extensively used mobile applications. It has become a powerhouse on countless devices.

The internal and external data storage capacity of Android phones is tremendous. However, have you ever thought, what will you do if in case your phone gets damaged or stolen and you have no backup of data?

Baffled? Data is valuable, whether it is photos, videos, audios, or documents. It costs efforts and time to re-create it. Even at times, it can’t be re-created, and we are left with personal grief and tears with the question in mind that why didn’t we back up our data on time?

To ensure the protection of data, Backups are the perfect solution. Some people overlook the importance of data backup. People take the risk of their data with the thought in mind that there won’t be any harm caused to it since they have hi-tech smartphones. But relying on technology is not a solution since hardware can fail, software bugs can occur or may be any human activity can take place unexpectedly and make you lose your data.

With all of that said, we have got you Right Backup Anywhere, to assist you in protecting the data against any calamity or loss. Read up on to find its features.


Why Cloud Storage?

Right Backup anywhere backs up data on Cloud in a secure manner to ensure its safety. The reason to choose cloud is that it offers anytime-anywhere access.

Automatic backup or manual- Your call

It automatically backs up the data from your device at the specified time. However, you can also opt for the manual backup process for creating a backup of your important files.

  • Simple layout
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Right Backup Anywhere appeal lies in its simple, clutter-free design that is suitable for both personal and professional use. A clean font and relatively minimalist interface make it look good and easy to use. You can sign up with your email address.

  • Ignore list

If you do not want to backup some of your files and folders, then you can put them on the ignore list. The ignore list can be altered by adding or removing files and folders from it.

  • Easy file sharing

This feature of Right Backup Anywhere helps users in sharing files with their friends and family painlessly. Entrepreneurs and businessmen can share the data with their entire team to discuss the project details.
Backup multiple devices

Use Right Backup Anywhere Cloud storage system to back up all your devices. Even if you are at work, at home or traveling, it’s a cakewalk; Right Backup Anywhere backs up your PC, Mac, or Android devices anytime, anywhere.

  • Quick restoration

It allows quick recovery of data at the desired location. You can store many years of weekly status reports or spreadsheets and find the exact one that you need, quickly and easily. Downloading these files to your Android smartphone is quick, safer, and secure.

Take a quick look at the features of Right backup anywhere:

• Creates a backup of all types of files and folders automatically on the cloud.
• Use the same account to backup n number of devices
• Select the time of scheduler for creating backups according to your convenience.
• Exclude the files you do not want to create a backup of
• Tells when next backup needs to take place
• Generates backup logs and restore logs
• Easy restoration of files at the desired location

Right Backup Anywhere is a nifty tool to add on in the smartphones to enhance the security of your data. It’s unfortunate to lose data and realizing that you never backed anything up. So, save yourself from this trouble and download Right Backup Anywhere to keep your information safe!