Samsung Gear VR 2 Essentials – Specs, Price & Review

Samsung Gear VR 2:

Samsung Gear VR 2 helps you to escape in a world of imaginary virtual spaces. You can experience a whole new world if you can afford $99.99. Not so bad, but it costs way more than it’s younger brother. Gear VR 2 is 19% lighter than the previous one, which is an amazing accomplishment if you ask us. The soft foam padding around the eyes and nose bridge makes it very comfortable to wear. You will not want to remove it for a really long time. The old one was heavy and you couldn’t wear it for extended times. Even the padding was not as great on the predecessor. Good thing that Samsung realized the drawbacks and is catching up to the user experience really quick.

It is designed to allow easier viewing for glasses wearers. This is how Samsung steals hearts. It tries to reach out to all the people and it always has something or the other in its bag to share. It also has a focus wheel at the top so you can easily adjust focus to match your eyesight. And, Samsung never compromises. It keeps on giving, won’t you agree? Additional hardware like an accelerator a gyroscope and a proximity based sensor are also integrated to increase the performance. It knows how you are tilting or moving your head. So, your view in the VR world changes as you roll or turn your head up, down, side to side or swivel around entirely. It is compatible with only four Samsung phones. The Galaxy S6 the S6 Edge, the S6 Edge+ and the Note 5.

Samsung Gear VR 2 Physical Attributes:

Samsung Gear VR 2 has a delicate touch pad, back button, volume key for control. The touch pad is really responsive. The keys click with a really good feel. Samsung really put a lot of effort while designing this gadget.

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You can transport yourself to 3D CG animated worlds and 180 or 360 degrees live action scenes using Samsung Gear VR 2. You can travel to different places without actually being there. The immersive experience is really astonishing.

We are provided with an option called Oculus Cinema where you can watch a movie in a theater style large screen with 3D effects. This is a cherry on top of an already amazing chocolate cake (I like chocolate cakes).

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