10 Smart Gadgets to Bring to Your Camping Trip

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For most people, going hiking or camping is a great way to disconnect from the world and be off the grid for a while. Because of that, it may seem counterintuitive to pack smart gadgets to bring along on your trip.

But smart gadgets don’t have to mean that you are connected to the rest of the world that you are trying to escape from. You can easily sign out of your email and social media while using these smart gadgets.

The best part is that many are designed to help you enjoy the great outdoors more while also keeping you safe. Let’s take a look at some of the best smart gadgets to bring to your camping/hiking trip.

Best Smart Gadgets for Camping

Hydration-tracking Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is always essential, but even more so when camping and hiking, because we can often forget to keep hydrated. This can result in some significant health issues, particularly in summer. A hydration-tracking water bottle is a great way to make sure you meet your water goals using an app, so you can spend more time exploring and not worry about becoming dehydrated.

Clipable, Portable Speaker

A portable speaker is just what you want if you enjoy music while camping or hiking with your friends and family. It makes for great hands-free entertainment as you can clip it to your backpack while listening to your tunes. Many of these mini speakers come with a built-in light and remote control, making it even more fun.

Fire-powered Phone Charger

If you want to charge your phone without bringing a charging bank or solar pack, a fire-powered phone charger may be just what you are looking for. And if your camera and lights use the same charger, you can keep them juiced up too.

Some of these fire-powered chargers also come with extra accessories that allow you to connect a stove to the unit to make coffee, boil water, and cook. This is definitely an item you want to include in your outdoor smart gear collection.

Smart Backpack with LEDs

If you are heading out for a hiking or fishing trip but are not quite sure when you will be coming back, you can use a smart backpack with LEDs to light up the way. While it may not be the brightest light in the world, it will certainly help get you back to camp safely and certainly beats trying to walk around in the dark. Plus, it just looks really cool having a backpack that lights up in different colors.

Multi-functional LED lantern

If you buy the right model, a multi-functional LED lantern can last for weeks and sometimes months without being charged. They are typically lightweight and ideal for camping and hiking packs. It can be placed on your picnic table, you can hang it inside your tent, use it to visit the bathroom, and so much more!

Some lanterns even come with a motion detection function that will turn the light on when you enter the tent, which is really nifty – you will no longer need to trip around trying to switch your lantern on.

UV Exposure Monitor

Anytime you are in the great outdoors, you should protect yourself from harmful UV rays. This includes wearing a hat and using sunscreen as basic protection. Additionally, you could purchase a UV exposure monitor that will keep track of the UV index in the area you are hiking or camping in and send you notifications when you need to apply sunscreen again. No one likes a bad sunburn!

GPS Tracker (Real-time)

When hiking or camping, you may find that your kids or friends want to explore a different area without you. With a real-time GPS tracker, you can keep track of your fellow hikers or your car, giving you peace of mind. Real-time tracking is vital, especially if they don’t return to camp when they were meant to – it means you can see exactly where they are to the precise coordinate, which is very valuable.

You can also send your location to someone else if you get lost and need help. Remember – getting lost in the wilderness should not actually involve getting lost.

Outdoor Speaker

Trust us; a smart speaker is the perfect accessory for any nature adventure. This one is different from the portable speaker we mentioned earlier, not only in size but also in power. The smaller one is not meant to weigh you down while providing you with music as you walk.

This one is to enjoy music when gathering around the campfire or having an outdoor mountain cookout with your family. Ideally, you want a rugged and durable model, and if it is splash-proof, that’s even better. Plus, you can use it when you are back home in your yard or at the beach! Double win.

Fish Finding Smart Bobber

Having a smart sensor that detects fish will help you catch your dinner more efficiently instead of waiting for hours for a nibble. A smart bobber uses sonar technology to determine how many fish are in the water so you can decide if it is a good spot or not. Most models have 6 to 10-hour functionality on a single charge, which should be more than enough to catch a few fish.

Classic Panic Button

This may be the most boring option on the list, but it is probably one of the most important. With a panic button, you can let your designated emergency contact know you are in trouble and your location with the click of the button.

Emergencies can be hard to plan for in nature as you have so many variables, so it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when you are out in the wilderness.


These are just a few of the coolest gadgets you can take along on your camping or hiking trip. We trust that they will provide you with plenty of use and functionality (and safety when needed) that will make your trip even better!

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