Top 5 Addictive Android Running Games for 2019

Android Running Games: Android games have been entertaining us since a long time, starting from  running, arcade, puzzles, RTR games, first person, multi-players and much more. Android games are something that  we can enjoy sitting in a metro station or a bus stop or perhaps waiting for someone or may be waiting in a line for a movie ticket. If your device is powered by an android then this is something you should read.

A more recent category for  gaming apps pertaining to non-stop running game which is getting viral amongst android gamers, as it can be really cool with good graphics, gameplay, game-story and upgrades which make running games more famous amongst gamers.

Casually we enjoy playing any type of game while waiting or for just killing time, so today I am going to take you through a variety of running game for android that you can enjoy whenever you want, so let’s get running.

Top 5 Android Running Games:

1. Temple Run

Developed by Imangi Studio has throughout for their game right from day one which has been a big hit right from the day of release.this game has been a huge hit for its simple gameplay, missions and one simple motive that can keep you hooked up and keep you running. As you start the game your reflex is tested to the limit where till you can, you simply need to navigate through obstacles, cliff, and ruins. You can slide, turn, jump, tilt and collect coins through your way. By collecting coins, you can unlock new abilities and upgrade them to run more and more.

The game gained popularity and knew no bounds or leaps and the developers cashed in and on the opportunity and released two extra spin games with the same sequel to the original hit : Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Oz along with another Temple Run 2 . Along with diversified gameplay and stunning new graphics and whole new traps and obstacles created a whole new level of running game

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2. Jetpack Joyride

An adventure of Barry Streakfries with  a never ending ride is a brainchild of HalfBrick Studio. Popular for its immensely popular creators of Fruit Ninja, Age of zombies and another running game called Monster dash. This game features the adventure of Barry Steakfries, a disgruntled bureaucrat in which has a story line of breaking out of a secret laboratory and running, dodging dangerous objects like zappers, lasers, electricity fields and even guiding missiles.

This game also offers many different missions like  “high-five 10 scientists in a run” or “run 500m without collecting coins”. This type of different challenges help you stay locked on the screen. also with upgradable options and much more.

3. Subway Surfers: Popular Android Running Game

Produced by kiloo Games and Sybo Games, subway surfer is also a running game in which what you have to do is run through a subway with jake as the player when you are being chased by a cop and a dog for doing a spray paint on a train. You have to Jump over trains and doge certain obstacles and many another sliding, jumping, even flying with power-ups and much more.

The app recently got updated with the adventure continuing in Rome, for both iOS and Android and now also includes other goodies like a paint-powered jetpack, new hovering boards, an egg hunt (collect 100 eggs for a special prize), Roberto a new Italian scooter kid character and the ability to make your jetpack and other power-ups last even longer with extra power-up upgrades.

4. Rail Rush:

From the developers, Rail Rush is a challenging on-the-game set in underground mines.What you need to do is hop on to different cart as you go deeper and through the 6 different stages like the caverns, waterfalls, spider nests, dead cities and mushroom halls, tilting and swiping to avoid signals and obstacles on the rail tracks.

The game starts with a really fast pace with a certain distance which demands great focus and presence of mind. the graphics look stunning and so is the gameplay.

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5. Pitfall:

A re-programmed version of 1982 classics, the pitfall is really an amazing game if you like a volcanic jungle write treacherous twists. with this game from Activision, you can find  yourself dodging your way across narrow trenches, dark caverns and cascading waterfalls. Whipping its way through various obstacles and much more.

Though the jungle is just one aspect of it, you’ll also be running through villages offering alternate path routes, even under mines riding in a cart over spilled lava and riding a motorcycle in part sequences. Since the paths are very random, you’ll always be surprised while playing. Like the other games in the list so far, Pitfall doesn’t miss out on social media.

Hope you liked this small collection of all the 5 best Android Running Games. If you think there should be any other game in the Android Running Games list please leave a comment below. Hope this article was fun to read, please share and comment below. Thank you & Enjoy