This Week’s 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Faily Rider:

(The Game we liked the best;  it is free to download and Play)

Faily Rider  developed by Spunge Games Pty Ltd , the creators of the popular game Faily Brakes is an awesome and addictive motorbike game racing in deserts and collecting coins. Poor Phil Faily being unlucky with cars, is sightseeing on his motorbike in Nevada desert. He was forced off the road and the bad luck struck him again. You will travel in an endless mountainside avoiding hazardous terrains such as rocks, cacti, traffic and trains resulting in some fun and hilarious near misses and crashes.

This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Key Features of Faily Rider Game:

  • Endless gameplay and endless crashes for endless fun.
  • New vehicles, new tracks and new costumes.
  • Collect coins as you go
  • Record gameplay and share it on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.
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Batman- The Telltale Series:

Batman, The Telltale series is developed by Telltale Inc., the award-winning creators of The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series.Batman The Telltale Series is an episodic point-and-click adventure game that is based on the corrupt Gotham city. You play as Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful and far-reaching consequences of your choices as the Dark Knight.[adinserter block=”10″]Your actions and your choices will determine the fate of the Batman. Recommended Devices for the best gameplay experience are iPhone 6 and up, iPad Mini 4 and up, iPad Air 2 and up, and iPad Pro – also requires iOS 8.0 and up. If you are a fan of Batman Series there is a 20% off offer going on on additional episodes.

This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Key Features Of Batman- The Telltale Series:

  • Excellent graphics.
  • Deep and Interesting story.
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This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And AndroidDo you want to be the master of Word Game Universe? Wordlings developed by Yellow Bear Studios Inc. is a multi-player puzzle game designed using the most robust dictionary available now. Wordlings brings together 6 distinct word and puzzle games into one unique gaming experience, offering infinite puzzle and word scramble play.

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You can challenge for the highest score with your friends in multi-player mode or challenge yourself in solo mode. You can earn Wordlings and power them up to boost your scores even higher.

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Key Features of Wordlings Game:

  • 6 unique games: Linker, Climber, Dailies, Twist, Findagram, Events.
  • Features the latest iOS 10 speech recognition capabilities, so you and your friends can play via voice command.

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Vulture Island:

Vulture Island developed by Donut Games is an exploration oriented retro platformer game designed with cool graphics and playful music. Benjamin takes his friends in his own built flying machine. Their trip goes wrong and the youngsters have no choice but to parachute themselves to safety. The 3 friends landed on a mysterious island barehanded and with no trace of Benjamin. The Vulture Island features challenging gameplay, easy controls and many puzzles to solve. Solve the puzzles and reunite the friends in this amazing Vulture Island game.

This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Key Features of Vulture Island Game:

  • Explore the island to solve puzzles
  • Collect coins
  • Battles with enemies and bosses
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Tons Of Bullets:

Tons of Bullets FredBear Games LTD is an action 2D platformer game infused with tons of bullets and designed with Eye Candy Pixel Art graphics. You play as Kenji, a tiny ninja who is on an adventure to save his girlfriend who is kidnapped by his enemies. You need to chase Dr. Mad and his henchmen through various obstacles and in different environments like submerged caves, Snowfield, and Lava. Uncover secret rooms to obtain new weapon arsenal to use them against Dr. Mad’s creatures such as the killer Penguins. Destroy Dr. Mad’s weapons or hide in the shadow if you can not and become invisible.

This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Key Features of Tons Of Bullets Game:

  • Various weapons to play
  • Destructible objects
  • Huge boss battles
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Primordia developed by Wad Jey Games LLC is an action adventure game designed in a post-apocalyptic world spread with cast-off machines. The plot of Primordia is a story of Horatio Nullbuilt, a stoic robot who values his solitude and independence. Horatio and his droid companion Crispin spend their days studying the Book of Man in their so called home. They were threatened by a rogue robot that steals the energy source that the pair needs to survive. When Horatio and Crispin’s search for energy brings them to the dazzling city of Metropol, the simple quest to recover their stolen power core leads to unexpected discoveries about Horatio’s origins and a new understanding of the legendary humans who walked the earth before him.

This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Key Features Of Primordia Game:

  • Get to know the game more as you progress.
  • Voice over by Bastion.
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Slip Away Mystify:

Slip Away Mistify developed by Nanovation, the creators of Slip Away is a unique arcade and puzzle game that will test your mystery solving skills. Slip Away Mystify is designed with stunning atmospheric graphics, inspiring soundtrack and innovative physics-based gameplay.[adinserter block=”10″] You are on a journey searching for a key to open the gates to a new level. You have to survive from the deepest ocean enemies and avoid the pitfalls, obstacles, and traps towards your journey to next level. Collect gems and unlock new characters.

This Week's 10 Best New Games To Explore For iOS And Android

Key Features of Slip Away Mystify Game:

  • 50 amazing and challenging levels to explore and escape.
  • Challenging levels.
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