Top 12 Best Music Radio Apps For Android, iPhone, iPod & iPad 2019

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There are several Music-playing apps in the App market at present with various packages and services.

Although all these apps provide a similar service, a few apps stand above the rest and should be the user’s first choice when it comes to choosing an music playing app for Android and iOS phones.

Here are few Apps from Appstore and Play Store that are outstanding at providing Music services to the users. The following list is based on user ratings and reviews from App Store.

You can download the Apps from your preferred app store.

Best Music Playing Apps On App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android

1. Pandora

1. Pandora

iOS |  Android

The Pandora Music app by Pandora Media, Inc. is the top most rated app of all on the App Store. The Pandora app on Android also has significant ratings making the App the top and best Music Playing app. With about 54 MB on iOS and varies with the device on Android, the Pandora app is free music playing app that provides free music online without ads.

The Pandora app can be used to customize about 100 radio stations and stream for free. The app also provides various skins and a desktop application as well. All the favorites and playlists can be synced to Desktop with ease.

The one thing that a user needs to look after while downloading the app is, a series of track skipping is not allowed. However, a pro version can fully function without any such limitations.

2. Spotify

2. Spotify

iOS  |  Android

The Spotify music app by Spotify Ltd is one of the most used online Music Streaming Apps. For years, the Spotify music app stood at the top with no one to challenge. Though the Spotify app has almost the same number features as that of Pandora and other music playing apps, the extremely lite design and unique interface and its collaboration with the latest music made it more popular among the users. The Spotify is no doubt one of the best Music Streaming Apps of the Decade.

The Spotify is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows as well making it easy to sync the date between devices. The premium version is an ad-free version that is best suggested and the offline music streaming is the best feature of the Spotify.

3. iHeartRadio

3. iHeartRadio

iOS  |  Android

The iHeartRadio app by iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc. is a generic Music app that provides several stations that a user can tune into for live and authentic music. A user can stream songs for free and add podcasts as well.

The iHeartRadio app allows the user to listen to News (Live News, Sports news and podcasts) making it picky to other radio apps. If you are to choose between any other radio app and iHeartRadio, I would recommend iHeartRadio of all. The iHeartRadio is available in free and in-app purchases will help serve you better. The iHeartRadio also offers an Apple Smartwatch app.

4. TuneIn Radio – Stream Live Radio

4. TuneIn Radio - Stream Live Radio

iOS  |  Android

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The TuneIn Radio by TuneIn is a dedicated Radio app for mobile devices. The app is designed to tune into thousands of radio stations making it the only app to have such flexibility. The TuneIn app also allows the user to listen to their favorite talk shows and podcasts for free.

However, the premium version beats everything by providing access to 40K audio books and live NFL updates, news & Podcasts. The premium version of TuneIn also contains 600 commercial music stations.

5. Songza

5. Songza

iOS  |  Android

Another great Music App that is just getting its way through. The Songza by Songza Media, Inc. provides free unlimited music to its users. Being awarded as App of the year in 2012, the Songza continue to impress every year with great features and updates.

The Songza app is designed to tune into music that perfectly suits the situation, mood or the user’s desired playlist. The app is pre-integrated with several Moods and Playlists in which there are thousands of songs to stream.

Lifting the limits of streaming songs, the Songza music app provided one of the best music services. But the Songza app is available to stream in countries USA and Canada only which kind of make it limited.

6. Amazon Music with Prime Music

6. Amazon Music with Prime Music

iOS  |  Android

The Amazon Music app by AMZN Mobile LLC is great music service app. The Amazon Music app is great when purchased a Prime Music membership. The service then allows the users to listen to millions of songs online and hand-picked playlists that exclusively for Prime members only.

Because the app has come under a giant company and maintained by a vast network of teams and experts, the Amazon Music helps its users with better services and support compared to other apps. The Amazon Prime Music also allows the user to stream music from the user’s cloud service or the device.

The users can import iTunes music library to Amazon Prime Music not to lose any previous music or playlists.

7. Beats Music

Beats 2

iOS  |  Android

The Beats Music App by Beats Music LLC is not a great Music App, but a good Music App if you are looking for latest and great quality music. Being launched under a big brand, the Beats Music app failed to stand up to its expectations, though the App provides unlimited ad-free music.

The Beats Music App tracks the kind of songs a user listens to and saves the data for itself and provides options from which you can listen to you own mood swing music. One of the great features is sharing the music you are listening to social media, in this way you can convey your feelings if you want to.

8. Rdio Music 

8. Rdio Music

iOS  |  Android

The Rdio Music app by Rdio, Inc. is another good Radio Music app available in the App market at present. The Rdio app allows its users to Stream and Share around 35 Million songs. The stations are available on different Artists, Albums, Genres, Moods and Themes.

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At present, the app is available on various platforms. So, the data and the library can be synced when logged into the device with the same account. The free version of Rdio music app displays ads, and the Rdio Select app supports ad-free music streaming with a limited number of downloads. However, the Rdio Unlimited app provides unlimited ad-free music and unlimited downloads.

9. Rhapsody – Music & Radio

9. Rhapsody - Music & Radio

iOS  |  Android

The Rhapsody Music and Radio app allows the user to stream unlimited music and provides ad-free streaming all over. The Rhapsody music app also enables the user to download his/her favourite songs but to a limited extent.

The Rhapsody music app also has a Kids version Rhapsody Kids, the first ever music streaming service for Kids providing the latest and most popular music. One interesting feature of the Rhapsody Music app is that you can connect with other users of the Music app and share interests.

10. Musi

Musi Music App

iOS  |  Android

The Musi music app by Musi Inc. is the only app in the list that provides streaming service from YouTube. It allows the users to stream songs from YouTube music, create & save Playlists and share songs. Most the users seem to like the way Musi works, and that’s what makes the app stand among the others from the list.

The Music app has enabled Airplay, Car play and other such services for iOS users. The latest update for Musi is integrated with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus making it respond to the 3D touch. The app’s support is excellent, and it sure is improvising with every update. I would recommend the app if you want to try something new.

11. Google Play Music

Google Play Music

iOS  |  Android

The Google Play by Google Inc is yet another Music streaming app that failed to take the advantage of being launched by a Giant company. The app was launched with a lot of restrictions at the beginning to many countries. But due to its flat design and considerable resemblance to other Music apps lead to failure of getting user attention.

The App, however, is a popular app on Android than on iOS. With significant improvements in each and every update, the Google Music is sure about getting into to charts in coming years. Despite the rumours about halting the Music Streaming service, Google releases updates frequently to its Music Streaming app.

12. Music Freedom Pro

Music Freedom Pro

iOS  |  Android

The Music Freedom Pro app allows the user to stream thousands of free songs, create playlists and share songs with social media. The app is a basic music streaming app that is quite similar to most of the apps in the list, but few features that define the Music Freedom Pro from other is that it provides Covers, Mixtapes, catalogs and much more.

Since the app is available in Free & Pro version, you need to make a purchase of the app get the Music services provide by the app in a better way.