Top 5 Best Reasons Why Windows Phones Are Better

Windows Phones Or Android Phones:

Up until a year ago, nobody thought that a day will come when Android and iPhone will feel threatened by the rise of Window based phones, but now it seems as if their fears have materialized. Tech experts have been keeping a keen eye on the various changes that are being incorporated by the Microsoft Corporation to make their phones better, and now we are here, to give you some valid reasons about how Window phones maybe are better than Android ones in particular regards.

Battery Backup

This one doesn’t even need a second thought. The biggest drawback of Android as a smartphone platform is the particularly poor battery backup, and that’s where Window phones excel. With battery running for some time more than two days on average usage, they are the sure shot winners in this regard. Android users are waiting for that day when their phones will get them a battery backup of at least about 24 hours but to no avail.

Quality Build Phones

This point is somehow arguable to some extent but if we talk broadly, we can say with full confidence that Window phones are having a stronger and a classier body built than their Android counterparts. This might hurt sentiments of some Samsung fanboys but this is the ultimate truth, what we can do? Take Nokia for example; ever since they merged with Microsoft to work on Window platform, people knew this is something else as Nokia is popular since the very beginning to incorporate the best materials while designing their smartphones.

Gorgeous Apps

One criticism faced by Window phones since the beginning is the lack of the apps in the store. But, the people who have had the pleasure of owning both Android and Window phones will tell you how the quality in Windows is a lot better than the apps Android offers. It’s not about the quantity, its quality that matters.

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Live Tiles

One feature making all the Android fanatics jealous is the live tiles on the start screen. They just are so alive and while on the Android, we see not so boring but just a typical list format of the apps which feels outdated.

Social Media Integration

Window phones let you use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a way that Android can’t. The account gets linked with your contact list and provides you an exceptional experience of using Facebook and Twitter on your phone.

The debate, however, doesn’t end here and will keep going, but one thing is for sure, Windows are here to stay!