Top 5 Best Upcoming Games For Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4

Nov 2015: Best Games Releasing For PS4, Xbox One, XBox, Xbox 360 And For Windows PC

As people have started feeling chills at the beginning of November, avid gamers are feeling them much more as this is the month of some of the biggest game releases this year. So buckle up as we present to you the five top games that are ready to thrill you this November.

Anno 2205 (Windows)

Broadly speaking, Anno games aren’t as popular as Sim City or Cities Skyline XL but they contain enough chills and thrills to hold your attention to a significant degree. But the welcome change this time around is that now, the players will be able to control more than one city at a time, thus making the game come out of Sim City’s awe. If the previews are to be taken as a base, then we must say that Anno 2205 will be anything but boring. November 3 is the day of official release.

Need For Speed (PS4/XBOX)

This, one of the most ancient and famous car racing game, looks sicker than the previous instalments. However, we might also point out that for the most part, the game resembles the previous episodes. We can do nothing but pray that this world is more in contrast with Most Wanted and not the Undercover. We are going to find out soon. Will be available for PlayStation and Xbox users on 3rd, the PC version will show up next year.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

This is the biggest gaming event of the year as the rockstar first person shooting game is here once again. This time around, the game features a futuristic world, much better traversal mechanics and cool multiplayer, if we trust the beta version. This one promises to keep the series from getting boring. The game will be made available for all the platforms on the 6th November.

Fallout 4

The last instalment came about half a decade ago, so we are ready to experience the post-apocalyptic wasteland once again. The preview gives away the impressions that this is going to be more slick and stylish than its earlier versions. It features a ton of characteristics such as crafting your weapons to making your own base. Given the fact that Fallout 3 proved to be massive success, we hope this one creates the same impression, if not better. Will be made available on 10 November for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

The first game is still on many’s all time favourite lists even after years and the preview for this one suggests that this one is going to be much more than that. Varied gameplay, icy landscapes and exciting puzzles are a few of many things we can’t wait to check out when it gets released on 10th November for Xbox One and 360.

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