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Best Zombie Games – Android:

Are you hungry for some zombie action on your Android device? These are the top 5 best zombie games for android from the serious to the silly, action to strategy, and everything. Love it or hate it, this craze has no end in sight. So let’s get started.

The Walking Dead

In this game, you have to save a missing little girl Clementine and help her to find her parents. Mainly because of the personal relationship that gets built, players connect with this game. Oh yeah and then there are children involved and the overwhelming amount of grief you face. Zombies are slow, so you basically kill them without any worries. This game is scary and addictive.  The Walking Dead game is really fun and entertaining. The entire game is dialogue based. In walking dead, you really feel like what you do matters. The relationship between you and Clementine will be so awesome that you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing the next episodes.

zombie games walking dead

Zombie Smasher

Zombie smasher an interesting title, so is the game. You have to smash zombies by tapping on the screen. Unlike zombies in other games, the zombies are really fast in this game. It is really really fun. You’ve got power-ups which are used to clear the screen. You even have human beings in this game. Don’t tap on them, you don’t want to kill them to keep the game going. Here in this game zombies are tiny little creatures, they look cute. It is a fun game.

zombie games zombie smasher

Zombie Age 3

This is one of those games where you can’t stop having fun. You can slaughter zombies in your style. It has 20+ characters with unique style abilities. You have 30+ deadly weapons, a good number I must say. Sometimes you have thrillingly tough battles. You can have tons of missions to accomplish. You can unlock the characters when you rank up.

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zombie games zombie age 3

Zombie Catcher

Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game. Here you catch zombies for fun and profit. Yeah, that’s right ‘Profit’. This game tells you about a robot and an alien who started to save earth from zombies. They started to sell freshly squeezed goodies which are made from zombies and started to sell those goodies to earn profit. You can discover new territories where you can find different zombies. Catch them and earn.

zombie games zombie catchers

Zombie Tsunami

It is an endless running game. Here you are a zombie. You have to multiply yourself by killing humans. The Music, the way the zombies look, the way they eat humans and the wall they fall in holes is funny. This game creates a Cycle of addiction that can’t be easily stopped. The Colorful environment helps make the game funnier and more entertaining.  In Zombie Tsunami, missions depend on random variable rewards and you can keep playing the game over and over to reach that mission.

zombie tsnami

These are the 5 best zombie games for Android on the play store. Let’s go and eat some brains.