Top 5 Volume Boosters For iOS In 2019

Some beautiful songs need high volume than the usual iPhone’s volume to enjoy the beats to the core. There are Volume Booster apps that increase your device volume. Now you can watch your favorite music or movies with high volume without any volume-boosting device.

Here I’ve sorted out the best volume booster apps for you to view and download the best one that suits your needs. All these volume booster apps are free to download in the app store.

Volume Boosters For iOS

PlayerXtreme Media Player:

Player Xtreme Media Player developed by Xtreme Media Works is an evergreen Media player with elegant design and most important features that any Media player should have. Once you download the app, you can access all the videos and audio files and play them without conversion.Playertreme Media Player
You can use Player Xtreme Media player to increase the audio up to 3 times the original level without headphones.
Add files from your PC to your iPhone or transfer files between two iPhone PlayerXtreme devices over Wifi with ease. You can play files from your email attachments. Player Xtreme Media player supports various file formats including 3gp, asf, avi, divx, flv, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, wmv.

It supports HD playback for all formats and supports SRT, SSA/ASS, SMI and many other subtitles in almost all languages. Start transferring and listen to your most liked videoes and movies anywhere you want.

Key Features of Player Xtreme Media player:

  • Easy to organize the movie collection.
  • Access files from the browser.
  • Quick forward and backward controls.
  • Control subtitle’s font size, track, and language.
  • Supports multiple audio tracks in a file.


  • Does not play in the background.

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Volume Booster & Amplifier & Eraser & Equalizer:

Volume Booster Eraser And AmplifierAs the name implies Volume Booster app is a simple and small app that boost your device volume. The free version of Volume Booster and Amplifier app has a simple interface that everyone can handle. It automatically detects all the audio and video files from your device, if you don’t want to use that option you can import the files you want simply by clicking the add button from the top corner of the app.

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The app also supports audiobooks so you can import those aswell. Volume booster app supports all kinds of video formats including MOV, mp4, Mpeg to WMV, Flv and standard audio formats mp3, m4a to wav, and aac.

You can adjust the default audio volume in the settings so that your files will be adjusted to your desired volume.

If you enjoy using the app you can upgrade to the pro version for $2.99 to remove all the limitations.


Key Features of Volume Booster and Amplifier and Equalizer app:

  • Support boost volume up to 10 times.
  • Share fun videos & audios with your friends.
  • Open files in any other app like dropbox.


  • Lots of ads in the free version.
  • You cannot import all songs at a time in the free version. Very few features in the free version.
Download Volume Booster App for


Equalizer ++ : Free Music Player & Sound Booster:

Equalizer ++ : Free Music Player & Sound Booster:Equalizer++ is the best free volume booster with great features and excellent sound effects. Equalizer ++ has an impressive deign and easy to use interface. Equalizer++ improves your music or audio quality by adjusting sound effect levels. Download the app and there you see cloud where you can import music from Google Drive and Dropbox. You can import your files from the library tab which allows you to import your song library to the app.

Once imported you can create playlists and start playing the music. Apply equalizer presets based on music genre, or create your own custom preset with the 5 band equalizer controller. You can access equalizer presets from a preset button and set it manually. Some of the other features include repeat, shuffle, play before and after song just like any other music player. Equalizer preset includes bass booster, bass reducer, Hip Hop, Rock etc.

Key Features of Equalizer++ app:

  • Background playback.
  • Create and manage your own playlists.
  • Play music in the background.


  • Equalizer++ does not support video files.
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Equalizer+ – :

EqualizerEqualizer + – is a new generation app that prolongs your iPhone player’s capabilities to next level and will drastically improve its sound quality. Once you download the app, it will access your music library. You have basic presets like Acoustic, Bass booster, Bass reducer, Flat, Deep and Hip Hop in the free Eqaulizer +- app. You can get more prests in the pro version and you can even add custom presets.

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You can listen to music either with headphones or lodu speakers. Equalizer +- has a car feature which lets you control music in the car too. You can adjust the quality of audio stream playback, adjust visualization speed, and visualization quality. You can access the player from the lock screen.

You can adjust the sound between the range from 32 Hz to 16 kHz, and from -24 dB to 0 dB. Equalizer +- is a fully functional app that delivers awesome sound wherever you are.


Key Features of Equalizer+- app:

  • Best sound than iPhone speakers.
  • Crystal clear quality.


  • Does not play videos.
  • Basic features available in basic version.

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AutoVolume Automatic Volume Control:

AutoVolumeAre you traveling on a noisy bus every day or walk 0n loud streets. AutoVolume is a different kind of volume booster app that needs headphones and that increase or decreases the volume automatically based on your surroundings. AutoVolume will continually measure the outside noise level with the iPhone’s built-in microphone on the headphones and then it adjust the music volume depending on the average noise measurements and your personal settings.

Download the AutomVolume app and set your desired Minimum and Maximum volume limits and save your profile for later use. It has two modes. Amplifier mode where volume adapts to the outside noise and Office mode where volume drops to the noise outside

Plug your headphones in with the microphone and start playing your music and turn AutoVolume to ON state. AutoVolume will run in the background.

Add your music library by click the music symbol and add them to your player. With AutoVolume app you can have full attention to others while listening music and you don’t have to take your earbuds out while talking to someone.



Key Features of AutoVolume app:

  • Editing and saving Profiles.
  • Built-in Music player.
  • Shake the device for visual help.
  • Supports Bluetooth with built-in microphone.


  • Does not support video files.
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