How To Use Chrome’s Caret Browsing Extension Without Installing

Google Chrome’s Caret Browsing:

We all are aware of the difficulty we face every time we try selecting some text from a web page using a mouse. Most of the time either our hand slips or the pointer stops working after selecting half the text! Caret browsing is extremely helpful if you are into frequent text selection and text copying from web pages.

For long reads from web pages where extensive page navigation is required, caret browsing is the ideal tool for you. You can already use caret browsing in Firefox and Internet Explorer by pressing F7 (for enabling and disabling the feature). The feature has been recently made available in Google Chrome with the help of a caret browsing extension.

Caret Browsing – What it means!

Caret browsing is nothing but a technique for keyboard navigation where we can move the text cursor on a web page like we do in any document or text editor. This is another helpful extension which has been offered to us by the Google Accessibility team, like they did with the Google Tone, Chrome Vox, the Colour Enhancer extension and many more. It really is a boon for die-hard Chrome users who are into text documenting work.

How to Use it!

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and install the extension for Caret Browsing, like you do for installing any extension in Chrome.
  • You can enable or disable the browsing mode with the F7 key, like you do in Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the part of the text where you want your text cursor to be in. Click there.
  • Now you can use the arrow keys to move up and down the text like you do in any text editor.
  • In case you want to skip certain words, you can use Ctrl along with the arrow keys.
  • In order to select text, use Shift + arrow keys.
  • If you want to open a link posted on the web page, go to the hyperlink and press enter. The link gets automatically focussed once the cursor reaches there.
  • For coming out from a focused control (list box or a text box), press Esc and then the right or left arrow key.
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For enhanced caret browsing experience, you can also install the keyboard shortcut extension from the Chrome Web Store.

How to use Caret browsing without installing the extension!

There is another way in which you can use Caret Browsing without installing the extension. Here is the way for that:

  • Enter the console tab by pressing Ctrl + Shift + J.
  • Type “document.body.contentEditable=true” in the console tab and then press Enter.

The rest is the same as mentioned above. Click on the place where you want to put your cursor, and you can even edit the contents of the entire page. The edits you make are however temporary, and will be gone once you refresh the page.

This, however, comes with a catch. Since the page becomes editable, although temporarily, in case you print the page, you become a part of forgery and that is illegal. So, to do away with all the risks, it’s better if you just play safe and install the extension.