Vyu360 Cell Phone Accessory Features And Specifications

Vyu360 Cell Phone Accessory

Vyu360 upgrade is a smart mobile accessory that enables your smartphone to easily capture and share 360°media by using a Vyu360 camera accessory and a companion app. Vyu360 upgrade accessory enables you to take 360° videos and pictures by using your smartphone’s original front and rear cameras. The plastic housing can stretch and fits most of the smartphones, even if they are inside a protective case. Photograph beautiful pictures or precious moments of yours and share with your family and friends that will certainly mesmerize them as if they are with you.

How Vyu360 upgrade Works:

You download the Vyu360 app and install on your Android phone or iPhone. After the installation process is completed you have to register and log into your account. Place the accessory to it onto your phone and adjust lenses alignment. After you are set with adjustments you can lock the position of the accessory and the app will help you in setup steps. After a 3 step calibration process, you just capture and share 360-degree pictures and videos with one touch of a button.

Vyu360 Upgrade Specifications:

The accessory is made of an elastic TPU plastic housing, with rigid rear and front lenses mount. A lens adjustment tool allows lenses to be aligned into position and work with different configurations.

Vyu360 camera upgrade uses uniquely engineered panoramic lenses to widen the field of view of your smartphone’s rear and front cameras. The Vyu360 is designed with advanced optics than the traditional wide angle lenses and fisheye lenses and the system inside helps prevent glares and undesired distortion to capture better quality 360° pictures directly with your smartphone. Pictures taken from front and back cameras can be de-merged to a 360 picture and the merged pictures or videos can be played and shared in your Vyu360 app and to a selected social media.

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Vyu360 Cell Phone Accessory Features And Specifications

Technical Specifications:

The Images output is 360°spherical JPG with equirectangular resolution 2048X1024 and the Video output is MP4 with 1080p HD resolution 15fps. The app compiles all metadata for images and videos to be playback on several social media platforms and VR viewers.

Compatible Smartphones:

The list of compatible models for Vyu36o Upgrade are iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone 6, iPhone6S, iPhone6Plus, iPhone6SPlus, Nexus5, Nexus6, Nexus6P, LG4,LG5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6,Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7,Samsung Galaxy S7Edge, HTC One A9, HTC One M9, HTC10.

Vyu360 Upgrade Release:

This amazing Vyu360 Upgrade mobile accessory will be releasing soon along with the companion app for iOS and Android devices.