Xnspy Review: An iPhone App for Monitoring Your Teen Child

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Kids today are born in the lap of technology. As a parent, we have to constantly face the struggle to keep our child’s internet experiences fun, safe, and productive. The fact of matter is, as wonderful as technology is, it can be dangerous especially if a child innocently stumbles into the dangerous sections of the internet. Parents are increasingly concerned over their kids’ activities on tech gadgets so they are turn to monitoring apps and software.

The old saying “Fight fire with fire” can be applied to this situation, An iPhone monitoring app like Xnspy can assist parents in monitoring their kids activity online and allay their fear of technology.

Xnspy Overview

Xnspy is an app that ensures real-time monitoring and reporting of the monitored device while being undetectable. It does not aim to control what your child does but rather ensures discrete and remote monitoring. The app runs quietly in the background of the device so it has a hidden icon.

As such, if your child tries to search up for a monitoring software installed on their phone, they’ll surely be disappointed. All the information from monitored phone is transferred to the user device through the web-based control panel. In the web-based control panel you can get updates about the live feed of your child as it automatically reports whatever is happening in the phone being monitored.

Xnspy Dashboard Review

The app is easy to install and allows you to begin spying within minutes. With its diverse uses and possibilities, Xnspy can offer you access of information in an intuitive and easy to understand style.

Installation and Compatibility

To begin monitoring, you first to need to select a subscription package based on your requirements. After doing this you’ll be able to create an online account for monitoring the target device. The installation process takes between 3-5 minutes after which you can monitor your kid’s activities through the online console.

What’s interesting about Xnspy is that you can skip detailed processes related to installation and downloading.

For an iPhone that has not been jailbroken only the iCloud login credentials of the device to be monitored is needed which will then sync with the online console to provide detailed information to the parents.

Features of Xnspy

Xnspy offers state-of-the-art features that assist the parents in all aspects of their monitoring endeavors. All it requires is an internet connection to begin monitoring. here are some of the app features explained briefly;

  • Monitoring call logs

All the incoming/outgoing and missed calls are recorded in an organized manner to be viewed by the parents. You can use this information to determine the frequency of calls made by a certain caller. You can also view the entire contact list of your child and see the call details which include name of the caller, his contact number, date and time stamp, and call duration.

  • Reading texts and IM chats

With the explosion in communication arena, it has become more than important to monitor the message correspondence of your kids. Most of social evils like sexting, cyberbullying, scamming, etc. begin with a message conversation. Xnspy allows you to monitor not only the message content but also view multimedia files (photos, videos, audio), if shared any.

Xnspy Messaging Dashboard

Even the message correspondence on iMessages, Whatsapp, Skype etc. can be traced. Message details including name of message sender/receiver, their contact number, date and time stamp, geo-tags, etc. can be known to parents.

  • Location tracking

In order to keep pace with the daily routine of their kids, parents can monitor their location at a specific time through GPS location. Apart from the exact address, control panel also provides a mapped view of the target location. Parents can also browse the entire location history of their kids to determine their everyday schedule.

What’s new? Here are some latest features of Xnspy

After some upgrades, Xnspy has added in some unique features that make it a distinctive app in the whole monitoring spectrum. These features include:

  • Phone and surrounding recordings: This enables the parents to record and listen to the phone conversations of their kids and also hear the in-room conversations taking place near them.
  • Watch-list alerts: These are available in call logs, messages, and location tracking so that whenever some unauthorized activity takes place, parents will receive alerts about it.
  • Remote commands: Parents have the privilege to remotely command the kid’s phone to wipe explicit data from it, block some illicit apps and filter the sites from browser, take live-screenshots of target phone, and lock the phone screen whenever they want.

Pricing details

Xnspy offers two packages: Basic and Premium. With the minimum subscription fee charged, users can utilize the full potential of this iPhone monitoring app. The basic edition is currently available for $8.33/month, while the premium edition costs $12.49/month. The payment mode is offered on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. This is the best option for all the budgeted users out there. No kidding!

Pros: Available on all iOS devices, Xnspy offers covert monitoring. It has introduced latest features like call recordings and geo-tags, making it worth the upgrade. It remotely extracts information for you and has a set of features reliable for all nonprofessionals.

Cons: Xnspy doesn’t allow free trials and has draconian refund policies. It fails to address some parental issues like setting time limits to a child’s iPhone. Jailbreaking is mandatory to use advanced app features.

The bottom line/ It is a useful tool for monitoring and reporting and often retrieves information for an iPhone by mining iCloud backups. It has an intuitive interface which sets it apart from other apps. Being an inexpensive tool, Xnspy is way ahead in competition among the monitoring apps. However, it has some limits in features which prevent it from shining too brightly.

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